The Time-Keeper's Dungeon

The life of Christina Fontay is anything but normal. With her wings and her lunatic mother, the Doncaster Girl is puzzled and quite awkward about it. This book is hilariously cheeky, heartwarming and will blow your fuzzy Captain America socks right off with the suspense and action. ENJOY, MY CUPCAKES!!! *MWAH* LOVE YAH!!

-Captain America



I was already having a pretty rotten day, not to mention the fact that I woke up with two 12 year old bums in my face. "MIKE...AND GREG; GET YOUR REAR ENDS OFF ME BEFORE I VOMIT!!!" I groan, clearly annoyed that my dream about One Direction (It was very lovely actually) was disturbed by these annoying monsters I call brothers.

"Sorry, sorry," Greg replied in his best falsetto voice possible.

"Nice!" Mike complimented Greg as the did a fist bump. I shoved their ridiculous bums off me as I gasped for air. It's hard to believe, but those kids are HEAVY considering how many donuts they eat.

I rolled myself out of bed and onto the floor. "Great, another day." I mutter to myself. A few pregnant seconds later, I finally pick myself up off the plush white carpeting and saunter over to the full-sized mirror. I looked so sleep deprived and zombie-like, it was a surprise Mike and Greg didn't scream and run as soon as they saw me.

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they're like it's better than yours..." I am going to KILL my brothers for setting that as my ringtone. I pick myself up off the carpet and pick up my I-phone not even bothering to check caller ID. The only person who is gutsy enough to call me at this ungodly hour is my best friend Sammi.

"Hello??" I answered, my voice still coated with sleep.

"Um, yeah, you want to hear this." Sammi replied in a zap, like something was really bothering her.

"Alright?" I replied quickly and impatiently.

"Okay, okay," she breathed; and then she began. "Queen Regina is at England's throat again, but this time it's more than at the throat of she's going for the heart and soul."

I know that Sammi-Sam (Yes that IS what I call her) was wording out her her sentences carefully, considering that lunatic, Queen Regina is my mother. But if she wasn't..I wouldn't have these angel wings that have basically branded me for life as a weirdo . (It's a family gene to have these wings, from her side, of course. But, it is kind of strange that they're Angel wings considering every relative from her side of the family is an evil, terribly mean queen or king that likes to ruin people's lives.)

I took a deep breath and Sammi continued. "This time she robbed Queen Elizabeth II of her prized crown jewels and jacked up time. Heh, heh, jacked up is a very American thing to say, heh, heh. Oh one more thing... she took your father hostage.

"WHAT!!" I screamed  a little louder than I had planned. "Repeat, please?" I croaked out.

"Okay!" the Doncaster girl squeaked.  "Okay, uh, how do I put this? The Queen's jewels were stolen by your loco mum, she also messed up time AND took your father hostage." she breathed. 

That's it, I couldn't take it anymore, and I made one of the most "intelligent" moves I could think of... I passed out.



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