The Underground Country Life

This is a story about a country that sank underground as a battle defense, and three boys who go off on a quest to make sure it never rises and destroys everything.


3. The Reaction

   Shoot! That meant that if someone dosen't do something, half of Belgium and all of Luxembourg would die. I thought about my family, my friends, my acquaintances. They would all die! The next thing I did was pretty stupid. I ran outside, grabbed a shovel, and started digging right in my front yard. After half an hour of digging, i had dug up 5 feet of dirt. Iknew that I was just wasting time, because when Dirtopia sank, it sank approximately half a mile down into the ground. Plus, I had only a week. Based on my geography, and the legend of Dirtopia, the only way to get that deep that fast would be to jump into one of the manholes in Belgium. I would have to go there, slip underground, and somehow force Dirtopia from not rising. I would also need some help on this. But who? Then came my answer.

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