The Underground Country Life

This is a story about a country that sank underground as a battle defense, and three boys who go off on a quest to make sure it never rises and destroys everything.


6. Earthquakes!

   The exact millisecond that we sat down, the entire train shook weakly.

   "This is getting weird" Gary said.

   "I agree, but at least the train is moving" I declared. I shouldn't have said that last part, because then the train stopped suddenly, and I fell forward, hit my head, and blacked out.

* * *

   When I woke up, I was laid out on the compartment bench with Gary hovering over me, and the train was moving again. Thomas meanwhile, was gazing out of the open window.

   "He's up!" Gary declared once he saw that I was up.

   "Great!" screamed Thomas, who now had his head completely through the window. "We're still on the bridge."

   "Are you okay?" Gary asked me.

   "I think so." I replied. "How long was I out for?" Gary glanced at his watch.

   "You were out for approximately 4 hours, 36 minutes, and 47 seconds." he stated.

   " 4 hours!?" I yelped.

  "Yes, but we're nearing Belgium." Gary proclaimed. Then suddenly, there was a great rumble that shook the train.

   "Whoa, whats going on?" I asked.

   "Oh, its just an earthquake. They've been going on for the last two hours." replied Gary.

   "Yep, no big deal." said Thomas.  He then stuck his head out the window again.  The train shook again, this time more violently and Thomas fell out of the window. 

   "Aauuugh!" Thomas screamed as he tumbled out. 

   "Thomas!" Gary hollered, then quickly ran to the window and grabbed his ankles.

   "I'll pull you in." said Gary.

   "No, wait!" cried Thomas.  "I can see a manhole down in the river that we're traveling over.  We can go through it!"

   "Okay," said Gary.  "Hand me the steel cables!" he yelled at me.

   "Here!" I boasted as I handed him the steel cables.  Gary then tossed them out of the window and I heard a soft splash as they hit the water.

   "Now let go of me!" Thomas cried.

   "Okay." Gary said.  When he let go of Thomas, he jumped out of the window as well, and I jumped after him. 

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