The Underground Country Life

This is a story about a country that sank underground as a battle defense, and three boys who go off on a quest to make sure it never rises and destroys everything.


7. Dirtopia

   When we landed in the river, Thomas hoisted up the lid of the manhole, and told us that we were all going to tie one edge of the county, then meet in the final one to do it together.  Then he jumped, but not after grabbing one of the cables.  Gary did the same thing, and so did I.  when I landed, I looked around.  I was amazed.  It was just as I imagined. With all the cities, forests and everything.  When I turned around I screamed.  I was standing at one of the corners, and when I gazed down, I saw nothing but blackness.  I quickly tied on the steel cable to the corner, then tied the other end to a grappling hook, which I threw down.  I then tugged three times on it to make sure it was sturdy.  Then I started running to the empty corner.  Along the way, I found a bike and started riding it.  As I was riding, I could feel the country tipping because of the rising corner.  I got there, and started tying the grappling hook.  When the others arrived we tied the cable to the country, then threw it down and tugged. 

   "Well, that's that." I said.  "Now let's go home."

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