The Underground Country Life

This is a story about a country that sank underground as a battle defense, and three boys who go off on a quest to make sure it never rises and destroys everything.


5. A Questing We Will Go

   It wasen't actualy all that hard to find some steel cables. They were available four 20 foot long cables for only 39.99 at the local hardware store. We bought 40 cables and all paid part of the money that we owed. We tied them together and made 4 200 ft long cables. We packed them into the back of Thomas' car, which was not easy since he owned a Volvo. We drove straight onto route 29 , which was an easy way to the train station, where we were going to board a train and go to Belgium. The ride there was pretty normal, and when we arrived at the train station we bought our tickets and hopped on the next train to Belgium. Then things got weird.

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