Snow's Adventure

This is the second book after "The Legends"

Snow is an abnormal girl, even more since she found out she's a halfling. This is her epic quest.


6. Chapter 5

  "Who did this?" Snow asked with a soild voice.

  "Sir Timothy," Glade said. "He's been killing mythical creatures, destorying towns and killing the innocent. We are adventures and heros, Snow. Mist tried to stop Sir Timothy from going to a dragon ranch, but she got this arrow.  No one kn---"

  "I'll get him." Snow interupted. "I'll kill him. For you." Snow looked waryly at her parents. She thought of her other parents. How would they react?

  "Just like me," Mist whispered. "Snow, you need wepons. Glade, teach her stone magic. I see you still have your amulet Snow."

  Snow touched her amulet. It was cool to the touch.

  Glade whispered something to Mist. She  nodded and Glade took Snow's hand. He led her out side, into the forest and to a sandy beach.

  "Snow, stone magic is the simpest form of magic. You may need more eqipment, but this can do for now."

  Glade and Snow started at Sunrise. They finished it all at Sunset.

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