Snow's Adventure

This is the second book after "The Legends"

Snow is an abnormal girl, even more since she found out she's a halfling. This is her epic quest.


13. Chapter 12

  Snow was in darkness, nothing to see but the black area around her. Around, a soft voice spoke.

Snow. This is not done. Something will happen

that will jeopardies everyone around you.


  Snow opened her eyes. Around her she saw Mist, Glade, the Cuzzys and all of the animals. They were gathered around a small bed that was in the front of Mist and Glade's house.

  "You gonna sleep here my princess?" Mist whispered to Snow.

  Snow nodded.

  Mist cried.


Here ends Snow's tale. More will come from inside of

Fight. Maybe not from the hard work and heroics of Snow or Mist.

But something. Something indeed.




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