Snow's Adventure

This is the second book after "The Legends"

Snow is an abnormal girl, even more since she found out she's a halfling. This is her epic quest.


11. Chapter 10

  Snow looked up at the golden sky. She had read all night and also planned out the attack.

  Snow put on her amulet and walked up to a group of animals. They slowly snuck over to the castle.

  Once they had made it to the outer wall, the animals that could dig dug under the wall.  One at a time, they went under. Easing to the next step.

  The animals split into two groups. The first group steadily walked, armed, to the opening doors.

  The Black Sword army emerged out, appearing to drive them to the front gate.

  The other group came out and flanked them, sending wild-eyed men screaming to get away. Snow worked her magic beside a group of black bears, fighting as fiercely as any of them.

   Sir Timothy silently snuck into the battle. 

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