Snow's Adventure

This is the second book after "The Legends"

Snow is an abnormal girl, even more since she found out she's a halfling. This is her epic quest.


2. Chapter 1

  Snow Smith was a an abnormal gir. She got teased because of her first name, her white-blonde hair and her sky eyes. She hated all of her peers, even new ones. No one was like her. She sat alone in class, was last to be picked in Gym and had no friends. How couls she be great?


  Snwo blushed deep red. her voice wobbled as she said, "Er, -12?"

  Her teacher shook her head. The kids in the back snickered. Snow fumbled with her pencil. She lowered her head to her head and added the last bits to her dragon.

 The bell rang. Snow gathered her books. She entered the stream of kids going to their lockers. She weaved through the other children. She dialed in '29-52-1'. The iron door swung open. She shoved her things into her backpack and zoomed through the doors. She dashed into the forest by the school. She headed to a very large tree. She slid off her backpack and scaled the tree.

  Once she made it up to the top, she settled on a wooden platform.

  "I hate school," Snow whispered. "Why can't anyone be like me?" She stood up and walked to a whole in the tree. She took out a small amulet of turqoise. She put it on and climbed down the tree.

  She walked home.

  Her mom yelled at her because she'd gotten her shoes muddy. Snow sighed and rumbled to her room where she fell asleep.

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