Snow's Adventure

This is the second book after "The Legends"

Snow is an abnormal girl, even more since she found out she's a halfling. This is her epic quest.


1. Prologue

  The dusty dirt path was quiet, not even a bird chirped. But, in the distance, you could see the silent march of 100 men in gloomy gray suits of armor and at the head, a tall man in black armor riding a blood red horse.

  A girl, with a golden sword encrusted with jewwls, came on to the path two meters away. The march stopped, the tall man drew his iron raipier.

  "Look at this," he chuckled with a helmet echo. "Little Mist. Do I remember you was going to have a kid?" The girl put a strand of hair behind her pointed ear. She stood in spot, looking with no emotions.

  "Fire!" the man bellowed. 12 archers fired at once.

  The girl, Mist, screamed in agony as an arrow found it's place in her left shoulder.

  A flash, a crack and a boom. Mist was a gone. A million arrows came thundering from the sky. The tall man quickly took a pen out a wrote something on a piece of parchment. He brusted away with three fourths of his men.

  He dropped the note. It read:

"Sir Timothy and the Black Swords"

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