The Robbery

Andie is framed for stealing a ruby necklace


6. Chapter 6

     Later on that day andie watched the video clip. Then she realized that the girl in the video had short hair not long hair like her so she showed it to the police.

     The police said," The girl had her hair tucked in."

      "Oh I did'nt know i thought she had it was short," said Andie.

      Later on that day Andie watched the face very carefully and realized that the girl in the videod had a mole on her left cheek, she had short straight blonde hair with side bangs and there were extensions in her hair. Andie showed the video clip to the police and the police realized it was'nt Andie who stole the ruby necklace. Now the police are looking for people with straight, short, blonde hair, a mole on their left cheek and bangs.


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