The Robbery

Andie is framed for stealing a ruby necklace


3. Chapter 3

When they got to the twin's house the police asked to speak to Bella and Kate. The police asked what happened on the night they went to the movies. Bella said," When we went to the movies I was with Andie, my sister, and our friend Charlotte. We just watched the movie then we all just left to our houses because we all got tired." 

Kate said," Also, when we came out there were police cars outside of the mueseum and we got scared because we did'nt know what happened so thats why we also went home."

The police and Andie left to go to Charlotte's house the police asked Charlotte what happened  that night at the movies.

          Charlotte said," We went to the movies and we went home after because we got scared about the police and we were tired."

The police went back to Andie's house. The police left her stay home but they put a trace on her IPhone to see where she went.

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