The Robbery

Andie is framed for stealing a ruby necklace


2. Chapter 2

The next day the police talked to the mayor about what happened last night. They said it was Andie who stole the ruby necklace but her father did'nt belive them. The police went into her room and looked everywhere and that's when they found the ruby necklace in her bag. Andie said," That's not mine I don't know hyow that got in my bag you have to believe me I swear I did'nt take it. I was at the movies with my friends that night when we went out of the movie theater we saw the police cars surrounding the mueseum so we decided to go home becasue we got scared."

The police said," Who are your firneds the one you went  to the movies with. Andie your going to have to come with us until you prove yourself inncoent."

So Andie told the police the names of her friends who went with her and the police brought Andie with them.

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