The Robbery

Andie is framed for stealing a ruby necklace


11. Chapter 11

     When Misty got home in her hands she had a blue Saphire necklace with a hammer in her hands. They finally figured out who had stole the things from the museum it was Misty this whole time.  The mayor called  the police and told them that Mist came in the house with the rare blue Saphire necklace in her hands with the hammer but they didn't know if she was the one who stole the Ruby necklace theres were only 4 clues. First clue is that Misty has short blonde hair. Second clue is that she has bangs. Third clue is that she has a mole on her left cheek. Fourth clue is to call Elizabeth's house to see if Misty had stayed there. So Andie called Elizabeth's house and Elizabeth said that Misty did not stay at her house. So now the police came and took Misty and put her in jail.

The End!


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