The Robbery

Andie is framed for stealing a ruby necklace


10. Chapter 10

     The next day Andie talked to her aunt. Andie asked," Did you have fun with Misty?

     Her aunt got confused she said," What are you talking about she never came over to visit."

     That's strange she said she went over to visit. well bye I have to go."

     They hung up the phone. Now Andie is very curious why would Misty lie about going to her aunts house. 

     Andie asked," Misty how come you didn't go to our aunt's house?"

    " What are you talking about I did go to her house." said Misty.

      Andie said," How come she said you didn't go over to her house."

     Misty said," I think you talked to our other aunt because I went to cousin Elizabeth's house.

     Andie said," Oh I thought you went to our other aunt's house not Elizabeth's house.

     The two went back to their rooms to go change because they were going out to eat. They ate at Good Fortune a Chinese resturant. Misty didn't go because she felt really tired and had a sore throat. After Andie her dad and her mom ate they came home and brought wonton soup for Misty but when they got their she wasn't there. They were really worried about Misty and where she was at.



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