The Epic Toy Store Escape


16. The squeaks start

As the kids were nearing the shortcut, they started hearing the following noises: squeak, honk, woof, meow, beep, and alarms were going off. Paul and Libby were freaking out like crazy.

     "What the heck is going on?" screamed Libby.

     "Relax Libby, I bet it's just your imagination,"said Paul.

     "Honestly, close your eyes and focus. Now do you hear anything?" asked Libby.

     "Fine, I do. But I think that there's a perfectly good explanation to go along with the noises," said Paul.

     "Well, what is it?" demanded Libby.

     "I think it's coming from the stuffed animals," suggested Paul. Paul picked up a stuffed giraffe, squeezed it, and it squeaked.

     "So it is the toys!" exclaimed Libby. From then on, the kids lifted up any toys they saw on the ground. Eventually, they reached the shortcut. they were about to go down, but they heard someone coming up the staircase.

     "Quick, hide!"whispered Libby. The twins hid under a stuffed animal panda the size of a small child.

     "Who's there?" screamed Officer Bruce.

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