The Epic Toy Store Escape


13. The shortcut

Paul and Libby came downstairs and checked out the map directory. Another corner-to-corner, but there was a glittery yellow star next to the staircase.

     "What is that?" asked Libby.

     "I don't know, but I think that that star is meant to be an asterisk. Hey, it is! I see one at the bottom of the map!" exclaimed Paul.

*Slide shortcut to checkout-must be under 14 and only weigh 95 lbs.

     "Hey! That will take us to the lobby and we'll make it to Mom way faster!" screamed Libby. The kids started wandering around the countless aisles, wondering whether or not they should walk or run.

     "Pal, we should just walk. That way, we conserve energy for when we need it," moaned Libby.

     "Fine, it's just that I'm worried Mom will really start freaking out soon," said Paul.

     "Don't worry Pal. We'll make it to Mom in plenty of time," stated Libby.

After a slight delay, the kids started wandering through the aisles of stuffed animals. 

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