The Epic Toy Store Escape


5. The plan

      "What are we gonna do?" moaned Paul. Paul was pacing down the aisle filled with baby girl's princess books, as Libby was flipping through the pages of an unfulfilling story about a puppy princess that learns to count to ten.

     "I'm not sure," replied Libby,"The store is already closed, but we shouldn't keep Mom waiting, so I suppose we have about an hour until she calls the fire department.

     "I guess that it would be easiest to look at the store diagram over there," said Paul. The twins walked over and checked it out:


You are here- 7th floor- Girl's

6th floor- Boy's

5th floor- Candy-world

4th floor- Arts& Crafts

3rd floor- Stuffed Animals

2nd floor- Building Toys

Lobby- Checkout

     "thinking about this logically, we should divide our time so we give floors 2-6 ten minutes each, and five minutes for both exiting the lobby and getting off this floor, because we're not too far from the staircase," inquired Paul.

     "Fine, so when does this time limit start anyway?" asked Libby.

     "Now!" exclaimed Paul.

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