The Epic Toy Store Escape


6. The adventure begins

Libby and Paul broke into a dead sprint to the staircase, Since they shut the elevators and escalators down when they closed the store. When they reached the stairs, there was a problem.

     "Hey, Pal, the steps are way too deep,"complained Libby.

     "Well, maybe if we linked those rainbow- striped scarves together, we could ride down the stairs like a slide," exclaimed Paul. The twins hustled over to the scarves, and started tying them together. Then, they went back to the top of the stairs and started sliding down the stairs.

     "Wheeeeeeeeeeee!" Libby squealed.

     "I know, right!" hollered Paul. When he reached the bottom, Paul  looked around and dropped his jaw in awe.

     "This place is awesome!" exclaimed Paul. A second later, Libby reached the bottom , but she kept on sliding until she collided into the directory board.

     "Ow!" screamed Libby. Libby got up and shook it off as if it hadn't affected her one bit.

     "I'll give you a 7.5 for the slide down, a -2 for the landing, but I'll be generous and give you a 10 for the recovery," joked Paul.

     "Oh, shut up," remarked Libby.

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