The Epic Toy Store Escape


18. Ten seconds later

The kids jumped into the curvy slide and started sliding down, but Officer Bruce was right on their tail and went on the slide to catch them as fast as he could.

     "I'm gonna catch you!" shouted Officer Bruce.

     "No you're not!" the kids simultaneously replied.

When the kids got off the slide, they ran for the door. But Officer Bruce was super fast, and he was close to grabbing them.

     "Guards!" screamed Officer Bruce. Ten muscular guards immediately blocked the door.

     "Oh God, there's no way out!" exclaimed Paul.

     "Pal, what on earth are we going to do?" asked Libby.

     "This!" shouted Paul. Paul grabbed Libby's hand, and ran through the biggest guard's legs and were close to leaving, when Officer Bruce zapped them with the shrink ray, returning them to normal size.

     "Thanks Brucie!" shouted Libby.

After the Paul and Libby ran out the door, they immediately saw Mom and hugged her.

     "I missed you guys so much, I was worried sick," sobbed Mom.

     "We know Mom, and we definitely missed you, too," the kids cried with joy.

And they lived happily ever after.

The End


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