The Epic Toy Store Escape


2. Seeing Mom

I wouldn't say my Mom is 'wealthy'. But I can easily say that she spoils us. we're in England, (recap), seeing my Mom , and having fun.

     "Honey, how is life in the U.S.?" asked Mom.

     "Fine , I guess, but I always miss you," replied Libby.

     "Why are you so quiet , Paul?" questioned Mom.

     "Well, I thought seeing you would be more exciting. Libby may not want to impose, but I don't care.See, she wanted to get an opal necklace for her birthday, but Dad didn't get it for her since it was so expensive. I looked for it online, and there was only one place that had it, Hamley's. Hamley's is a toy store in London, and that's where we are now, so I kinda figured we could go there," said Pal.

     "Pal, did you really have to say that?" exclaimed Libby.

     "Okay  children, quiet down. I also felt bad when I didn't send you a birthday present, Libby, that maybe it would be a good idea to go," moped Mom.

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