The Epic Toy Store Escape


12. Running

Both twins are great at running. When they were eight, they joined a cross-country team and received many awards. In this case, that isn't good at all. After the blowout, they both sprinted in opposite directions and didn't look back once.

(about three minutes later)

     "Pal! Where are you?" screamed Libby.

     "By the stairs! I figured it would be my smartest move with us being apart and all," shouted Paul.

     "Well, I'm sorry! Do you forgive me?" hollered Libby.

     "I guess," yelled Paul.

     "Hey Pal, can you mentally guide me to the staircase?" asked Libby.

     "Okay, first go past the paintbrush aisle, make an immediate left, and you'll see me," instructed Paul.

Libby followed his instructions, then saw Paul. She ran at him as fast as she could, but it took her a while since she'd been running for the past few minutes. when she reached him, she hugged him like crazy. They went down the stairs and reach the next floor.

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