The Epic Toy Store Escape


15. Officer Bruce

Officer Bruce is currently patrolling the lobby, because he thought that the kids would eventually come down all the floors. That is entirely true. But think about it; if you were a night guard, wouldn't you have a bunch of extra time on your hands? officer Bruce does. In fact, while the kids were in Candy-world, he was on the Stuffed animal floor laying out squeaky dog toys all around the curly slide shortcut and in other various parts of Hamley's that could possibly lead to an exit. Don't you think that Officer Bruce is a nice person, just trying to help out a mom and some weird kids? Well, he's not. He's so ticked off with these kids that he set the cops on speed dial, like 911 was too hard to dial in the first place. He's carrying around both a bubble ray (yeah, like that will hurt), and a shrink ray (that would be a threat, but shooting the kids with that would only turn them back to normal).

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