The Epic Toy Store Escape


10. Not too sweet

Every now and then, the twins were grateful that there was candy that there was candy around them, so they could eat when they pleased. The hard part, though, was overcoming various obstacles. For example, the marshmallow flooring was bouncy, but it slowed them down. The designed walls were pretty, but it made them lose track of where they were. Eventually, they reached a section of the floor, where the floors were not covered with marshmallows, but they were covered with candy rocks.

     "Wow, those could be painful if you stepped on them," muttered Libby.

She was right. Think about it; if you were two inches tall, wouldn't stepping like candy rocks feel like stepping on knives? Luckily, there were licorice ropes hanging from the ceilings.

     "Hey, we can go over the candy rocks by swinging on the red vines, just like Tarzan!" squealed Libby. The twins started out terrible, but eventually they got better and better at swinging. Unfortunately, Libby started slipping down the vine she was on, stranded, because she didn't have enough energy to swing again.

     "Pal, help me!" screamed Libby.

     "I'll save you!" shouted Paul. He swung as hard as he could, jumped, caught Libby, and swung onto the last vine.

     "Pal, you saved me!" cried Libby in relief.

After the swinging situation, the kids easily walked to the staircase and went down, happy not to see any more candy, and to have descended another floor.

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