The Epic Toy Store Escape


7. Layouts

Most floors at Hamley's are designed differently, so when Paul and Libby descend a floor, at the bottom of each staircase, there is a directory board. the directory board diagrams are fairly simplistic, so I'll be able to describe them to you. the Boy's floor is laid out where the staircases, both going up and down, were at opposite corners of the room. The shelves lined up in infinitely many rows and columns, all filled with various toy tanks and action figures.

Currently, Paul and Libby are deciding which way to go; left, to the toy tanks, or right, to the action figures. They already know their destination (when you learned the layout, they did too), but they are wondering whether or not either path is easier to go through.

     "I say we go left," suggested Paul," I mean, how bad could a few toy tanks be?".

     "I guess it doesn't matter if we do, so why not?" agreed Libby.

The kids headed over to the tanks and were on their way.

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