The Epic Toy Store Escape


9. It's a candy wonderland

After the kids raced down the stairs, they grinned like there was no tomorrow.

     "Oh my God," mumbled Libby," this place is awesome!".

     "If we can't find our way out, we can always eat our way out," giggled Paul.

The twins walked over to the directory and checked out the map: unlike the Boy's floor, the staircase they came down was in the middle of the wall. You see, the floor's shape was a rectangle, and both staircases were on the short ends, in the center of either walls. Yet the oddest part about the Candy- world level is that the floors were covered in marshmallows, so it would be bouncy, and the walls had beautiful designs made out of gumdrops and candy canes. Every single shelf was full of delicious treats, from every single country you could think of.

     "Wow," grinned both kids in amazement.

     "I want to eat ALL the candy!" screamed Libby.

     "Let's get a move on," said Paul, who had ten times better self control that Libby.

     "Fine," grumbled Libby.

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