The Epic Toy Store Escape


1. Boarding the plane


Beep beep beep. The metal detectors never seemed so loud. "Raise your hand if you've been out of the country," my teacher asked the class before summer break. I've never been out of my home-town, Silver Spring, Maryland (USA). I'm at the airport, being searched for anything that could be used as a weapon. Turns out you're not supposed to bring a buckknife on an airplane. Oops.

(The real beginning)

I'm freaking out . I'm gonna die. i'm gonna die now. Oh, god we've started flying. Oh, wow, this isn't so bad. All I brought with me to do on the plane is read a book about my birthstone and astrological sign. I'm on page three, and this is what it says:

October 4, 2000

Sign: Libra; the scales- Birthstone: opal/ pink tourmaline

Opal was used by ancient leaders. It was worn in crowns. The Australian Opal Market crashed but 50 years later they found an amazing black opal.

I could read more, but my eyes were hurting too much. Now that I'm going to England to see my mom for the first time in in five years, I'm pretty excited. My twin brother, Paul (aka Pal), is going with me. okay, now I'm feeling woozy. I guess I'll get a little shut- eye. 






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