The Epic Toy Store Escape


11. Arts & Crafts

This will be deja vu to you and to the kids; they look at the directory. The layout of this floor is another corner-to-corner floor. On the ceilings there are thousands of paper cranes, on the floor there are hundreds of painted tiles (in mosaics), and on the walls there are various paintings that customers painted. They started walking through, but Paul love the artwork so much that he had to stop and stare at just about everything.

     "Dude, less looking and more walking," snapped Libby.

     "Fine, I'm just the kind of person that enjoys having a decent sense for art, unlike you," smirked Paul.

     "Calm down man! I want to get through the night without wanting to kill you," growled Libby.

After the twins' little squabble, you'd expect there was a moment where they said sorry and hugged and moved on. But they didn't.

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