The Epic Toy Store Escape


4. 10 minutes


Mom's perspective.

Minute one: Mom headed down the elavatorto the first floor.

Minute two: Mom's buying the necklace at checkout.

Minute three: Mom's going to sit in a lounge chair.

Minute four: Mom's sitting.

Minute five: Night guard is heading toward Mom.

     "Hello ma'am. My name is Officer Bruce, and I am the night guard at Hamley's. The store is closing now, so I'm going to have to ask you to leave," stated Officer Bruce in a low, gruff voice.

     "But my kids are still on the top floor!" exclaimed Mom.

     "Don't worry, I'll track the down and bring them to you as fast as possible," said Officer Bruce.

Minute six: mom is wailing and wants to get Paul and Libby herself.

Minute seven: Mom is being shoved outside.

Minute eight: Mom's crying.

Minute nine: Mom's screaming.

Minute ten: Mom's standing outside in the cold.


The kids' perspective.

Minute one: Talking.

Minute two: Browsing.

Minutes three through five: Libby and Paul are browsing, until they see a real shrink ray. They both want to play with it, and then they started fighting.

     "Give me the toy!" yelled Libby.

     "I saw it first!" screamed Paul.

They kept on fighting, grabbing and snatching, like completely normal siblings.

Minute six: They broke it. Then something extremely out of the ordinary happened.

Minute seven: They started shrinking, and shrinking, and shrinking. They shrunk so much that they were only two inches tall.

Minute eight:

     "What happened?" gasped Paul.

     "We shrunk!" shrieked Libby.

Minute nine:

     "Who's there?" shouted Officer Bruce.

Minute ten:

     "Run!" whispered Libby.

And they ran.

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