No, Maybe, Is this really happening...

Cabella Is your average highschool senior...She has a not so great boyfriend...Jase..he breaks her heart... she meets her FAVORITE boyband ever One Direction..

Read on to find out ;)


4. Were there!

  Louie lighty taps me, "time to get up, love." I subbournly got up and louie asked me, what street i live on. I told him and he lives right next door to me!! Even though I was right beside him, I texted him," yayyyyyyyyy:)!"

"What are you sooooooo happppyyy about? haha"

"YOU live next door to ME!"

"Haha, and its good right?!"

" '-' you know it would be every fangirls dream to meet 1/5 of one direction!!!! YET I RODE A PLANE WITH YOU AND FELL ASLEEP :)"

" Well...It was my dream to meet a girl like you, your sooo bubbly."

"Louie do you think im pretty??"

"CaBella Marie. your gorgeous."

"Thank you louiee!!!! your...gorgeous as well. :) haha"


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