No, Maybe, Is this really happening...

Cabella Is your average highschool senior...She has a not so great boyfriend...Jase..he breaks her heart... she meets her FAVORITE boyband ever One Direction..

Read on to find out ;)


3. The Flight to Doncaster..<3

 Louis's POV

I had no idea a girl this amazing and bueatiful would be on the same flight as me..Her eyes are green and blue a mix.

L- I think I should know your name... she smiles..that wonderful smile..

C- It's CaBella , you can call me C, Bella Or bell.He smiles hes bueatiful.

L- Can I have your number?

C- Sure. so I give him my number.And gives me his. I ended up falling asleep with my head on his shoulder. He didnt mind.

Zannis POV

He definatly like her... Alot. There so cute together..Aweee stop it!

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