No, Maybe, Is this really happening...

Cabella Is your average highschool senior...She has a not so great boyfriend...Jase..he breaks her heart... she meets her FAVORITE boyband ever One Direction..

Read on to find out ;)


2. The Airport

  Cabellas POV

 Its 3am im here with Zanni, Our plane is ready. We walk torward the gate and get on the plane and no one knows were gone. We take our seats and there is this BUEATIFUL guy he turns around and winks at me. Oh my god ZANNI!! i wispered.

Z- What

C- Louis Tomlinsin is over there!!

Z-OMGGGGG from one direction??

C- yes!! he lives in....DONCASTER we both wisper shout together. When the flight attendents leave, the empty seat beside me is now occupied. I slowly look over and Louis Tomlinson is sitting by ME! and Hes SMILING!!!

Zannis POV

When louis sat beside her i was TOTALLY happy for her! OMG it seems like he adores her!!! But hes dating elenor...I thought.

 "Louis? right? "i asked him.


Z- I thought you were or are dating Elenor. Wheni said that he look sorrow then came back to reality

L- right she cheated on me with four guys and broke up with me. And went back talking to belle.

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