No, Maybe, Is this really happening...

Cabella Is your average highschool senior...She has a not so great boyfriend...Jase..he breaks her heart... she meets her FAVORITE boyband ever One Direction..

Read on to find out ;)


1. Another day I can throw away....

   I woke up to foster kids screaming. " SHUT UP," I scream back. So they shut up..I'm already up so minds well get dressed..."MOM IM GOING TO SCHOOL!" I yell.

 "OK WHATEVER GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" she screams back at me. Shes not my mom my parents died in a public shooting a year ago..So im 17 yeah i should just run away and live on my own. My "mom' HATES MY GUTS. Oh yeah I have to call her 'mom' or I get in trouble.

   So I get im my car and drive to highschool. I get a phone call from my bestfriend ( her parents also died.) her name is zanni.

(Z=bff C= me)

Z- hey bell

C- hey z

Z- I was thinking last night dosent she want you to live with her?

C- yeah wh-..

Z- she loves me!!

C- yeah, OHHHHHHH I can ask her if we can move to Doncaster!! Away from America!!

Z- YES!! call her then call me back...HURRYYY!

So I hang up and call's ringing ringing.

Case-her C- me)

Case- hey bel

C-hey case, do you think zanni and i could move to Doncaster and live with you our Foster parents are HORRIBLE.

Case- Yeah, sure I need company anyway.

C- YES! thanks can you send two plane tickets?

Case -yeah they'll be there tomarrow.

C- Thanks bye!!!!

Case- Bye sis:)


Zanni's POV

 I really hope bells sister says yes..i'm tired of getting beat. Nobody likes me here right? Yeah nobody likes me anyway.

Caseys POV

"I have to buy two plane tickets for Doncaster please," I asked the desk attendent.

" ok here you go." the woman said.

" thanks"

"no problem"

Cabellas POV

I walk in to the highschool with zanni. " What did your sister say?" she asked.

"yes now shh nobody needs to know were leaving tomorrow." I wispered. And she didnt talk a smile on her face. Wwhen my boyfriend walks up, "WERE OVER!" he screams. and walks away. The first and seccond bells ring and me and Zanni are ditching school and im crying.

Zanni POV

" He wasn't good enough for you. He was no good." I say trying to comfort her. We walk to her car. and drive away leaving highschool in the rearview.







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