The Last Bite

What to you might seem an ordinary cupcake,you are wrong this cupcake holds more than you could really bite, never bite more than you could chew.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It was a cold day in Montevideo,Uruguay. Rica was walking down the street when a suspicious man drives up and tells her to get inside.This man works for Roman.


2. Would you really tell?

Rica who is very dramatic came to Monte. In a very scared, nervous voice she told Monte that she was scared of what would happen between her and Roman.Three days later Roman calls Monte and tells her

"I need you to tell your friend to get ready and tell her that I still saved the cupcake." Monte responeded to Roman by trying to get him out of the way and said "you are not going to hurt her in anyway, and how did you save the cupcake?!?!"

Roman told Rica "I have ways and know people."

He became frustrated and just hung up. Rica and Monte had a conversation over what would happen between Rica and Roman what he had planned. Weeks pass since  the "incident". Rica and Monte became scared,nervous and even started to have their guilt start to take a mind of its own, I mean its just a cupcake? keep in mind that this is an extra ordinary cupcake.

Monte mentions Rica "Why dont we leave Silver Spring Md and go to Puerto Rico, I have three great reasons on why we should go 1, Silver Spring,MD is becoming boring to me. 2, We could avoid Roman as long as nobody tells him oo and lets not forget about # 3 (this is my favorite) I want to go there for a vacation." Rica says "Well, ok as long as its ok with you I also have an uncle that lives in Puerto Rico exept,we dont get along."

Rica agreed she told Monte "Roman won't figure out that we are there."

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