The Last Bite

What to you might seem an ordinary cupcake,you are wrong this cupcake holds more than you could really bite, never bite more than you could chew.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It was a cold day in Montevideo,Uruguay. Rica was walking down the street when a suspicious man drives up and tells her to get inside.This man works for Roman.


3. Welcome to Puerto Rico!

We had finally arrived to Puerto Rico, Monte was going nuts- she wanted to go every where. Ricas uncle was at the airport waiting for us, he seemed ok, he could have taken a shower at least look a wake.

Monte had met Ricas uncle before but didnt recognized him.She asked him " I'm sorry I forgot your name, my name is Monte."

Ricas uncle told Monte " My name is Juan, and yes a know your name, its Monte. Also if you guys are to stay at my house there is a catch, you must get a job and support each other with the money oh and most importantly, watch your backs."

"Ok" said Rica. As they pulled up to to " Uncle Juan's'' house Rica asked

"So, how long have you lived here" asked Monte.

"Only a few years." responded Juan.

 Just as they entered the house they felt a cold breeze,soon they figured out that  it was just the window that wouldn't close. Monte went to her room and Rica went to her room. After they had settled in Monte and Rica went out to find jobs to work at. They both had always had an interst in working near water so they knew that working in Puerto Rica would be fun, especialy because it is an island.

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