The Last Bite

What to you might seem an ordinary cupcake,you are wrong this cupcake holds more than you could really bite, never bite more than you could chew.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It was a cold day in Montevideo,Uruguay. Rica was walking down the street when a suspicious man drives up and tells her to get inside.This man works for Roman.


7. Knock Knock

While Monte was at her dads house she hears the door open, it's her father. Rica goes to the door and hugs her dad. Her father was extremly happy to see her 

he tells Monte "Yo te extrañe" (which means I missed you)

Monte:"Yo tambien extrañe" (which means I missed you too)

Monte noticed that her dad looked diffrent, quite taller and just a bite chubbier and his accent was diffrent 

She tells her father that "I have to go find Rica"

Her father asks "What for?, your not going anywhere!"

"Why?" replied Monte

"You are staying right here untill I get back-up" yelled her father.

Monte asked "Why do you need back-up?"

"Because I'm not your dad, I work for Roman" responded fer father.

Well if that isn't her father well than, who is he?, how does he know where my dads house is and most importntly,where is my dad? I really dont know what to do, should I go to my grandmas house all just go to my old rooms closet and hide there I might call Rica to come help me.  

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