The Last Bite

What to you might seem an ordinary cupcake,you are wrong this cupcake holds more than you could really bite, never bite more than you could chew.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It was a cold day in Montevideo,Uruguay. Rica was walking down the street when a suspicious man drives up and tells her to get inside.This man works for Roman.


5. Anybody home?

Nobody was at Uncle Juans house Monte grabs her belongings and then grabs Ricas stuff. As she was leaving the house something grabs her attention, she sees a picture of Rica hugging her uncle exept this picture must be old Rica looked little and the uncle looked young.

Monte was questioning to her self , "Why would Uncle Juan do this to her own niece?"

Monte calls Rica and tells her to go to a cafe in the airport and that they would get tickets to go to Uruguay.Monte told Rica that most of her family lives there .They meet up at the cafe and start to talk over what they should do if they see Roman. One thing that they came up with that is they should try to have  minimal contact.

Monte told Rica "What if we take a class to improve our agility and physical stamina"

Rica responeded "Do we really need to take a class?, I think were fine.

We borded the plane 5 and a half hours later we arrive in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Monte sees her grandmother and screams "Hola Abuelita''(which means Hi grandma) 

Montes grandmother Carmen said with a thick accent in english "Hello."

Monte arrives at her grandmas house and enters her room and Rica enters the guest room.


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