The Last Bite

What to you might seem an ordinary cupcake,you are wrong this cupcake holds more than you could really bite, never bite more than you could chew.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It was a cold day in Montevideo,Uruguay. Rica was walking down the street when a suspicious man drives up and tells her to get inside.This man works for Roman.


1. The Sweet Icing

It all began when Monte,Rica, and Roman where "the best of friends". Monte was a 14 yearold for Uruguay,she was always was outgoing. Rica is a 15 yearold from Puerto Rico who was very optimistic.Roman was a 16 yearold  from Italy he was wise,very clever and his tempers could could get the very best of him. Monte,Ricas,and Romans friendship was as strong just like the Blue Topaz which was known for being one of the stongest sillicate matirials rocks,also one of Rica and Romans favorite rock. How this all happened? It was over who would get the last blue cupcake. Rica and Roman "fought" over who would get the last Blue Cupcake, to you it may seem like a strange thing to fight over but this little cupcake ain't your ordanary cupcake. This cupcake has something in it that activates Rica and Romans senses. Rica and Roman had several blue cupcakes in their time but this was the last blue cupcake ever made by a baker in exhistance.Roman decided to have a competition against Rica.This compition seemed serious but had to be done.Roman called Rica with a strange voice more like an ominous voice saying,

"I have plans"

"What plans?"(we all know how Roman is he must of tried to annoy us)

Roman told them " You know what I'm talking about, stop trying to act dumb."

Roman became very frustrated.                                                                                                       

"Wow,you forget things very easily!" Roman exclaimed. Rica hung up.

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