Revealed Secrets

What seems the begging is the end. the feeling of pain rushing through my vains made me feel free. I was gone in a flash. Wait, you must be thinking what in the world is going on, well it started when i was born. My mother took me in her arms. I looked in her blue ish eyes then it started. Lights were flashing, everybody was panicking then everything was now a blur in the dark,silence. what seemed the happiest moment in a starting out parenting thing is the most terrible moment for me just five little minuets it was horrible. But then i heard some footstep. My stomach gave me that squezee feeling. It picked me up then i saw those blue and it was my mother. She told me that i have to stay with my sister Lexi then gave me a kiss and left me in this girl arms and i knew it was Lexi. 11 years past. my sister is never home, i am always alone, i have no friendsand most of all I wanted my mom but i knew she was gone.


4. We started the journey

I went to Fiji. It smelled wonderfully. I searched and caves and then I found him. I was terrified but kept my cool especially in front of Jacob. The mean in he dark said this and dat but in every sentence he would say kill, die, or fight. I told him this is my battle and I shall fight in it. He looked at me with a crazy look then got ready to fight.

Hours past and I was loosing but then I heard a voice say cout me in and it was Lexi! She helped then all of a sudden something came out of my hand. It was blue and pushed then man in the dark down. He fell so hard he died. His flesh peeled of then disappeared then his bones turned into ash. Then we see a note l and it said we are stuck and once he died we would stay here forever and a journey was way ahead of us. But we all are ready.
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