Revealed Secrets

What seems the begging is the end. the feeling of pain rushing through my vains made me feel free. I was gone in a flash. Wait, you must be thinking what in the world is going on, well it started when i was born. My mother took me in her arms. I looked in her blue ish eyes then it started. Lights were flashing, everybody was panicking then everything was now a blur in the dark,silence. what seemed the happiest moment in a starting out parenting thing is the most terrible moment for me just five little minuets it was horrible. But then i heard some footstep. My stomach gave me that squezee feeling. It picked me up then i saw those blue and it was my mother. She told me that i have to stay with my sister Lexi then gave me a kiss and left me in this girl arms and i knew it was Lexi. 11 years past. my sister is never home, i am always alone, i have no friendsand most of all I wanted my mom but i knew she was gone.


1. Time To Run!!!

Im late. " have to go thinking"to myself. But it was impossible, "he" wouldn't let me. The man ib the dark will never let me go. He wants Bella, the girl who is the key to a treasure thats more horrifying than him. Darkness.........................

Me and Lexi are in the best pizza place in Italy."Luigi's Pizza Mia!" lexi looked at me then looked away. Then I exploded. I Put my pizza down so hard that the tomato sauce splattered every where. Then finnaly I broke the silence. " Lexi, whats going on, where is mom and dad, and why do you come home so late?! I need to know so please just awnser me." she looked at me with a sad look and disapointed face to me. Then she sighed and whispered "Bella, mom and dad are in a prisoned cave in Figi captured by him. I'll tell you who him is later but know we have to go." she told me.

"Go where, home? Or to mom and dad?! " i asked exitingly

"we are going to France then we maybe will go to figi." she said

"why? I wont go through with this. You cant tell me what to do! I WILL NOT GO!" i sad irritatedly

Bella, there is a reason to go to France. Its not because of me its because.................."she stoped

Because what? Common I am not getting any younger!" i said cofused

Then she opened her mouth sighed a breath only a grain of salt could hearthen she said the most terrible thing that i have ever heard. She told me that he wanted me dead.I cried with pain and tears comming out like a water fall. I reapeted wordx after word after word. The world was getting blurry and then i fell acontious but i saw a shadow of a man. One eye is black as night and the other pale as paper, his beird was as pale as snow and his skin was like a vampires. Lexi got me took me somewhwere i didnt know. Then she layed me down and i fell ancotious.

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