Revealed Secrets

What seems the begging is the end. the feeling of pain rushing through my vains made me feel free. I was gone in a flash. Wait, you must be thinking what in the world is going on, well it started when i was born. My mother took me in her arms. I looked in her blue ish eyes then it started. Lights were flashing, everybody was panicking then everything was now a blur in the dark,silence. what seemed the happiest moment in a starting out parenting thing is the most terrible moment for me just five little minuets it was horrible. But then i heard some footstep. My stomach gave me that squezee feeling. It picked me up then i saw those blue and it was my mother. She told me that i have to stay with my sister Lexi then gave me a kiss and left me in this girl arms and i knew it was Lexi. 11 years past. my sister is never home, i am always alone, i have no friendsand most of all I wanted my mom but i knew she was gone.


2. Jacob

I was in the dark alone. I felt a rain drop that hit me so hard it felt like a prick of a thorn. I heard a voice. It said "Are you ok, your sister is finding food. Whats your name?" it asked.

" Come out of the dark first. then ill tell you who I am." the voice came closer and closer till i saw this boy. he was so dreamy. his eyes sparkled. " I am Bella and I am 11. What about you" I asked really I just wanted to get to know him.

"Well, my name is jacob and i was left behind here when the tigers got killed and killed my mother and sadly i am here alone." he whispered

"Well i am sorry to hear that. I actually dont know if my mom is alive or not also i never seen my dad. The last time I saw my mother was when I was born. And every night i cry 'cause i dont know at all." I said cutting my last few word up

"At all what?" he said with worry in his words

" who my family is, wherre my sister is, and ......................... and most of all I lost who i am. I am not the girl with friends. I am the quiet one. I am the prey. In school And in my personal life." I whispered

"I am sorry to hear that but if i was in your school I understand how you feel and I would be your friend I would be in 6th grade right now so it would be great."he cheerfuly said but not even that would cheer me up.

"Bella you are ok have you met Jacob. He is a very nice guy." she whispered " Well we have to go of to france. Jacob do you want to go?

"Sure thank you for letting me i re-"

"We dont have all day now lets go."Lexi said cutting him of.

We ran and ran. The rain drops felt like little pricks of needles. Saying googdbye was hard. I grew up here. And know I am leaving. We past the tower de pisa, the Coleseam and i think I had never gone to the calleseam ever. But I think that dark place was it. We past Luigi's Pizza Mia. My favorite resturant.

We go to France. We were so tired. Even though I stopped runnig, my legs still felt like they were. We went to "Eiffel Tower Palace" the most fanciest hotel in France. We stayed. When we went to bed Jacob told us this story saying everytime he went to his bed, in the stars he would see his mom and wouldnt ever feel alone. I wanted to feel that way about my mom but I cant.



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