Clover Simono is the chosen one. She was born and raised to defend her people from the zelma, a fierce warrior who wants to hurt and kill as many as he can before the planets cross. Now Clover, Sam and Drake must lead an army of thousands to defeat the Zelmia before the moon swallows him up again because in 1,000 years when the group is dead but is Sam hiding soemthing from Clover? Find out in "Secrets".


10. Zelma

    Now I've been out of the hospital for about a week and I feel better. We've been training every day and now I was ready.

    We were at lunch when the ground started shaking. I looked at Scarlett and her face was streaked with fear.

    "It's time" says Drake putting down his coffee. We run to our rooms. I quickly put on my fighting clothes. I grab my sword and bow and arrows. I'm about to go to meet the others when I remember that Laura slept in today. I run into her room.

    "Laura it's time!" I scream grabbing her fighting clothes. Her head jerks up and she runs into the closet to change. I quicly grab her rifel and sword and at the same time she coems out. I hand her the weapons and run out.

    "Wait!" calls Laura as she runs back in. She comes back out with her charm necklace. She told me she got that from her sister. We quicly run out and as soon as I see the Zelma I stop short. The zelma is a big fat purple crearure that has 3 heads.

    "Let's go! sceams Bell as she runs ahaid. I regain my stranghtens and run to catch up with her. Soon I'm at the Zelma's huge feet. I climb up his mountain back and jab him on the forehead with my sword. Our trainer told us that if we stab his 5 diamonds, he will die. I just got the first, 4 more. I jump down and use my bow and arrow. He dodges and dodges and atacks. I use my shield and run. I see Bell hit 2 diamonds and Laura miraculously hit 1. One more left. I tell them all to cover as I ame for his eyes. I station my bow and arrow and just as I do I feel my wound swell. I quickly fire and just as I do my wound sends a stab of pain into my body. I fall to the ground in defeat but at least the world is safe. Sacrifice is important.

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