Clover Simono is the chosen one. She was born and raised to defend her people from the zelma, a fierce warrior who wants to hurt and kill as many as he can before the planets cross. Now Clover, Sam and Drake must lead an army of thousands to defeat the Zelmia before the moon swallows him up again because in 1,000 years when the group is dead but is Sam hiding soemthing from Clover? Find out in "Secrets".


2. The City of Amour

    I step off the plane and in the air,I smell cookies.

   "Hello"says a tan boy aproaching Bell and I

   "Who are you?"I ask looking at the tray of cookies he was holding.

   "Oh,I forgot my manners", he said bowing a bit "I'm Drake Collins.I'm going to be your trainer for the war of Zelma" He said handing me the cookies

   "They smell devine" I say looking into his gentle blue eyes.

   "ahem"says Bell interupting my moment.Did she always have to chase away people?

   "This is my sister Bell.Just so you know, we are NOT related"I say regreting my words as soon as they come out.I uickly look over at Bella and add"We adopted her when she was 2."

    "Nice to meet you both."he said,leading us to a sleek black limo.My jaw droped open and Bell whistled a low whistle as she always did when she was in aw.

   "I thought this would be a good way to show you around Paris"He said grining a grin with the whitest teeth ever.I was so speechless all I could say was "wow" again

    "When we get to the Paris lair,I will introduce you to your traner.I was assigned to trane Bell.You,Clover,will be traned by Madame Scarlett."Says Drake.I glance at Bell and see her grinning a great grin.Paris,here I come.



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