Clover Simono is the chosen one. She was born and raised to defend her people from the zelma, a fierce warrior who wants to hurt and kill as many as he can before the planets cross. Now Clover, Sam and Drake must lead an army of thousands to defeat the Zelmia before the moon swallows him up again because in 1,000 years when the group is dead but is Sam hiding soemthing from Clover? Find out in "Secrets".


9. Medical Emergency

    I open my eyes a bit to see if I'm in heaven.No,I'm still alive.

    "Are you ok"says a frantic voice.I open my eyes a bit wider and I see scarlett sweating like crazy.

    "Scarlett?Is that really you?" I say feeling tears run down my now pail cheek and drip on my light blue hospital gown.She just nods and cries at the same time.

    "I'm so sorry I snapped at you!I'm thankful for you.Truly I am" I say trying to get up.

    "Stay down" says the doctor, enreting the blue room.I stay down.

    "leave that tube in you wound and don't pull. If you remove it, you will instantly die." he says noting something down on my keyboard.That thought frightens me.Suddenly Drake bursts through the door.

    "I want to know is she alive?!" he demands. I stare at him. He cares. Then I remember that he wants me alive for the Zelma.

   "Right here" I say waving my hands.He rushes to my side.

    "I was worried sick,Clover!" he says taking my hands.I jerk my hands back being careful not to move the cord.

    "Don't worry. I'll soon be healthy enough to fight the Zelma" I say scowling at him.

     "I don't care Clover.I'm just happy you're feeling better." he says worry in his voice. I was ready to forgive him, but then I remember,he's lying.

    "Whatever" I say turning around. I was not going to get my heart broken again. My heart has been broken many times by mere strangers. I trusted him and he let me down.

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