Clover Simono is the chosen one. She was born and raised to defend her people from the zelma, a fierce warrior who wants to hurt and kill as many as he can before the planets cross. Now Clover, Sam and Drake must lead an army of thousands to defeat the Zelmia before the moon swallows him up again because in 1,000 years when the group is dead but is Sam hiding soemthing from Clover? Find out in "Secrets".


5. Family

    I glance bedside clock.It read 4:30 AM.Why am I not asleep?I decide to go to talk to Bell.She hates it when I wake her up so early but I need to speak with her.I tip-toe out of bed and slip into my lavender bathrobe.I silently slip out the door and make my way to the hallway."Wich room is she in?"I whisper too myself as I walk to the room next to mine.I try to look through the door's window but the drapes are closed.I try to open the door,but it's locked.I try to knock but I decide not to because I don't want to wake anyone up.I sneak back to my room and try to find a paper clip.When I was in 3 grade my teacher,Mrs.Fase,taught us how to pick a lock in case of an emergency.This was an emergency.I need to talk with my sister.I find a paper clip under my duffel bag.I sneak out once again and pick the lock open.I cautiously poke my head in but this is not Bell's room.In the Blue bed I see a little girl that would be about 9 years old.She's shivering a lot.It reminds me of Bell's little sister who died. I slowly come in and leave the door a crack open for light.I grab a blanket on the floor and cover her up snug.I slowly inch toward the door when I hear her teeth stop chattering.I glance at her and I see her smiling in her sleep.I just can't help but smile back.I silently close the door and try to look at the window of the next room.I see Bell in their but she's not sleeping.She's talking to Scarlett.I press my ear agains the door and can make out 2 scary words.Plane and California.Were they going to send me back because I was weak?I mean,I am weak and frail but I want in on the action!I'm about to put my ear on the door again when I hear the latch of the door creak open.I try to run nut my robe is stuck on something.I was just going to take it off and run to my room in my pajamas when the door swings open and out comes Scarlett.

    "Clover,were you spying on us?"she asks in a hurt voice.Oh,no!

    "No I wanted to talk to Bell but I saw you in there and I was going to leave when I heard to say plane and California."I whisper not wanting to wake Drake.

   "What's going on?"says Bell as she makes her way to the door in her one size too big pajamas.

    "well..."I began

    "You know I hate to be woken up!"she practically yells.

    "You were up talking to scarlett"I murmmer feeling a pang of jealousy.

    "yeah,well it's different.She always has something important to say"she says rubbing her eyes.

    "I'm not interesting?"I ask feeling hurt.How dare she!

    "Well remember last year when you were nervous about the spelling bee"she began but I interuipted

    "That was important!To me it was!"I yell,raging.

    "Yeah but what she says in important to me!"she yells back.I put my hands on my hops like mom when she's mad.

    "Oh so your sister's competition isn't important to you!Well fine!Go hang out with my sister!"I ay storming off.But just as I storm off I make out another set of words.

    "Your sister?"

Bell and Clover were no longer besties.No longer sisters.They were strangers.

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