Clover Simono is the chosen one. She was born and raised to defend her people from the zelma, a fierce warrior who wants to hurt and kill as many as he can before the planets cross. Now Clover, Sam and Drake must lead an army of thousands to defeat the Zelmia before the moon swallows him up again because in 1,000 years when the group is dead but is Sam hiding soemthing from Clover? Find out in "Secrets".


6. Breakfast Drama

    It was a beatiful morning.What would make it better was if Bell and I were getting along.

    "Breakfast Clover"says Bell as she pokes her head on my door.

   "OK"I say getting out of bed.Bell heaves a huge sigh then tries

    "Clover..."But before she can finish I go into the bathroom.

When I get out,I see an outfit has been layed out for me.Blue jeans with a plain white shirt.I hate plain stuff.I get out my sewing kit and some rhinestones and sew them in to spell Paris.I also redecorate the pants to have a bird on the back pockets and a heart at the bottom hem.I get out my hair brush and my headband.I brush my hair and put it into a ponytail and add a bang.I then put on the headband.Finally I put on my favourite boots.Now this outfit is Clover Lo.

    I go into the dining hall,then get a blast of the warm smell of bacona and eggs.

    "Would you like some eggs and bacon?"says the cook as he thrusts some eggs and bacon into my hands without my permision.I slowly walk to the long table where everyone is seated.I avoid eye contact with Bell and Clover.I smile at Drake though.

    "Hi Clover,may I have a word with you?"He says standing up and wiping his mouth with his napkin.I nod then shrug.He leads me to the hallway outside.

    "Clover,I heard you fighting last night.You have to get along quickly.The Zelma is coming faster this year."He says

    "She was supossed to be my sister.She chose Scarlett over me.You understand, don't you?"I ask.

    "Listen,I don't want to get killed because of your little fued!"He half screams half whispers.

    "Little?Little!How dare you!I thought you were nice even charming!Now I know you are a jerk.Every one here is crazy!Leave me be!"I say stomping back in the hall.Mid way my stomp he grabs my shoulder then says

    "Wait,clover.I didn't mean it,I just got angry,I'm sorry."He says.I look at the gentle blue eyes I used to see now they seem dark blue.He was a Hara like me.Our hair and eyes reflect our mood.

    "Let me go.You've said quite enough."I say wrigling out of his grasp.As I go I look over my shoulder and see him put his face in his hands.He really blew it now.

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