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7. The Start

Aaron knew that he would have to lie to his mother to go with James on such a quest.  But he felt that with the ruby and the knowledge of Vayne's parents, he would have a good chance at beating her.

A day passed.



Four, five, six.

A week passed.

Aaron walked to the park, same time as when he had first met James. He told his mom that he would be at the park and his friend Andrew's house all day. When he got there, he saw James. "Hey," he said to James.

"Hey, Aaron," James replied.

James led Aaron among an unfamiliar path for about twenty minutes. he was a tall, slightly thin, curly black haired, dark skinned boy that was about fourteen years old. When the boys finally arrived to where James said was the right place, it was deserted of any type of house. "Don't worry," he said. "I'm sure we'll find out how to get in."

"Oh, no problem," Aaron said casually. He pulled out his ruby and set it on the ground. It started swelling and growing fur. Eventually, it turned into a rabbit and started jumping around and sniffing. James yelled, "That's crazy!" after about five minutes of jumping and sniffing, the rabbit found the spot and turned back into a ruby with a small pop. James and Aaron walked over to examine the ground. It was normal. James knocked on it, and it sounded hollow. "We found it!" he exclaimed.

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