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9. The Battle

When Aaron and James got to the gem room, Aaron reached out and touched the opal. The effect was instant. Spiders started to crawl out of the walls, and Vayne appeared. "Oh, hello. Come back to die?" She gave Aaron the look again and James shook him. He woke. "No," He responded to Vayne's rhetorical question. "We've come to stop you."

"Oh, my heroes. Coming to stop the evil lady. But how?" Vayne asked.

"With this." Aaron held up the picture. Vayne laughed.

"You think a little picture is going to stop me?" she asked. "Well, guess what? It wont."

"It will. Do you know what it is a picture of?"

"Of course! It's your failure of a plan!"


"Fine. What is it?" Vayne asked sarcastically.

"It's you" Aaron said.

"So you think a picture of me is going to stop me. Anyway, if it can, it doesn't matter. Spiders -- attack!" The large swarm of spiders that had gathered ran toward James and Aaron. Aaron reached into his bag, but didn't grasp the ruby. Vayne had given him the look, stronger than ever and he had been put under her complete control. James saw him hesitate, and took it out himself. It was a the sword again. Vayne made Aaron take the sword away from James, and slam it on the ground as hard as he could. Fire shot out in every direction. It killed the spiders, but Vayne dodged it. "How -- how dare you!!" Vayne yelled with fake rage."

"Oh, we dare," said James. 

"Now," said Aaron, still under Vayne's control. I believe I was showing you the importance of this picture? Look. This is you, young and happy. Don't you want to be happy?"


"Remember the past, how good it was?"


"You loved your parents and they loved you back --"


"-- and they would tell you stories every night. You loved them. Go, go back to happiness while you still can."

"This -- this can't... be..." Vayne fake stammered as she sat down, pretending to be defeated.

"We can take you back," she made Aaron say. "I know the way," she made him add to James.

This set off a bell in James's head because Aaron didn't know the way. He did. James shook Aaron, and knew he had done the right thing. All of the things that Vayne had made Aaron say had actually convinced her that it was true. She should go back. As soon as she thought this, she started changing. Her hair went from black to blonde, her skin went from pale to tan, she gained a few pounds, shrunk the slightest bit, and her clothes went back to normal. The green bit of her eyes, holding back against the red for so long with the pupil as its fort started to fight back, overpowering its enemy and eventually became the ruling color of Isabel's eyes again. Isabel stood up. "Hello, Isabel," Aaron said."

"Hi," she replied. Although nothing was said, they both knew that no apology was needed. "So you guys really do know the way back to my parents' house?" she asked.

Aaron and James walked Isabel to her parents', then went home. When Aaron got to his house, his mom asked, "How was your day?" and he responded "Great. Intense, but great."



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