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8. Information

James knocked on the hollow ground several times in a pattern. As a result, it opened up beneath him. "James!" someone exclaimed.

"Katheryn!" he yelled back and jumped into the room below. Aaron followed.

"It's so good to see you again!" said Kathryn.

"You too," James replied. After about ten minutes of talk, Aaron got annoyed. "I'm sorry to interrupt," he said as James asked where Katheryn's husband, Frank was. "Getting dinner," Katheryn whispered to James.

"We came here for some information," Aaron said harshly.

"And you shall have it," Katheryn replied, calmly.

"We need to know about Vayne," said Aaron, calming down some.

"Why?" asked Katheryn, obviously scared about talking about her.

"To stop her," Aaron replied.

"If you must," Katheryn said. "Vayne started out as an ordinary girl, everything normal. She was always a little tall for her age, and when she was born she had blonde hair and green eyes. Every night, Frank or I would read her a story. Her name was Isabel. She grew up normally, was a normal teenager, until..." Katheryn had watery eyes now. "She had always had an odd fondness for spiders, but..." by now she was crying. James offered her a tissue, which she gratefully took. "She had hurt people with her spiders, so Frank and I told her to stop. She argued. We argued back. She... she... she wouldn't accept any amount of reason, or pleading, punishment or even love or caring." Katheryn blew her nose. "After that she was just... had nothing positive to say or do and left in search of jewels. Her eyes were red with anger when she left."

After a long time of silence, Aaron spoke. "So... if we were to bring her back to normal, to her old self, she'd be okay?"

"Yes," Katheryn said, calming down. 

"And we would do that by..." Aaron said.

"Showing her what love is," Katheryn finished for him.

"And how do we do that?" James asked.

"We could give her something that would be too good to refuse and resent?" Aaron offered.

"No, that wouldn't work," James replied. "She's too emotionally isolated from the world.

"We could try direct love," Aaron said.

"No," James replied. "Wait. Katheryn, do you have any pictures of Isabel, young and happy?"

"Yes," She replied. "Frank and I kept one. I'll go get it now." Katheryn was a average height, slightly overweight, gray haired woman with brown eyes. She came back and gave Aaron the picture. Taking one last look at it, she sighed and said to Aaron, "Good luck."

"James," Aaron said. "If i'm ever about to do Vayne's bidding, slap me."

"Okay," he replied. 

James led Aaron back to familiar territory, then Aaron took the lead and went to the gem room.

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