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5. Almost Forgot to Introduce Myself

Aaron looked down at the little ruby, amazed at what it could do. He studied it closely and saw that engraved on it was a crab, sign of cancer. "It all goes together!" Aaron exclaimed. "The ruby, the crab, cancer all the same month! July!" To put it simply, the ruby, the crab, which symbolizes Cancer, and the fire all group together into the same month: July."

"Very good, " came a girl's voice. "You killed a small pack of my spiders. Aaron spun around to see a tall pale and thin lady with a tight black jumpsuit and long black hair walking towards him. She had red eyes, but there was traces of green near the pupil. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I almost forgot to introduce myself. My names Vayne. What's yours?" She bent down as if trying to hear the nonexistent voice coming from Aaron. "Well, let's not be antisocial," Vayne continued. "Hey, does that ruby work twice?" she asked and spiders came scurrying at Aaron again. He wheeled around to escape, not ready to fight again, and at just the right moment, too. His mom had just mined through the cave - in. "Come on!" he yelled to her as he bolted out, back to his house. He knew this would be very hard to explain.

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